Unit Size and Prices

5×5 compares to a medium sized closet or half bathroom. Perfect for file storage, small boxes, small furniture. Load size equivalent to U-haul’s smaller cargo trailer.

5×10 Unit. The price is $55.00 regular and $80.00 for climate control.

A 5×15 Compares to a long and large closet.  This size unit can accommodate the contents of several rooms and furniture and mattress stacked upright.

5×15 Unit. $65.00 per month.

A 10×10 compares to a small bedroom and usually can handle the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment.  Perfect size for a small U-haul moving truck.

10×10 is $80.00 per month. $100.00 for Climate Control.


A 10×15 compares to a regular bedroom and can handle the contents of a small house or 2 bedroom apartment.

10×15 storage unit is priced at $90.00 per month. $125.00 for climate control


A 10×20 compares to a single car garage and can handle the contents of a moderate sized house including appliances. Perfect size for a U-haul’s larger truck.

10×20 Unit is priced at $100.00 per month. $150.00 for climate control.


We offer other sizes to accommodate:

  • 10×25 is $120.00 per month

  • 10×30 is $150.00

  • We also offer garage space for smaller vehicles that is completely enclosed and lockable. $75.00

  • We have covered (shed) space for smaller boats and vehicles.

  • And lastly we offer uncovered outdoor storage space for RV’s, Campers, Work trailers, and Boats……

Please call for pricing and availability.  770-536-5173